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About Us

The Jameson Four is a rock and roll band hailing from the state of Maine. Made up of an eclectic group of musicians from different backgrounds, the band is sure to bring something special to your wedding day. For Public appearances, check out the events section on their Facebook page.

Toby McAllister

Toby has been playing music most of his life. He has toured the world with his band, Sparks The Rescue​ and now resides in his home state of Maine. He is a full time gigging musician, and you can catch him performing solo/duo/trio all over the state. For current show listings check out his website and/or Facebook page. Over the last 5 years, Toby has transitioned The Jameson Four into a special events group. He is the band leader and will be the point of contact for your wedding. 

Nathan Spencer

Nate plays drums in The Jameson Four. He has been playing music with Toby since they were kids. Nate hasn't turned in his bio yet. 

Steve "Casco Steve" Knowles

Steve holds down the lead guitar duties and brings a lot of energy and excitement to the stage. He has been rocking in original and cover bands around New England for many more years than he would like to admit. He really enjoys what he does and this comes through when on stage. Influenced by rock, blues, country, 80’s metal, classic rock, punk, funk, jazz, classical - you will find a little bit of everything in the mix. Whether the song calls for the solo to be reproduced note for note or some improv is in order, Casco Steve is ready to put his all into each and every song. Toby and Steve met in 2016 jamming at some open mics around the area. They immediately clicked. When Toby needed a guitar player for a last minute band gig he called Casco Steve. Nate, Peach and Steve met for the first time at the gig. The same line up performing today showed up and rocked the venue under the name The Jameson Four.

Mathew "Peach" Petrin

Peach has been playing music since he was in 5th grade. Originally he started as a trumpet player in the Florida school systems. After moving to Maine, he realized that Ska music didn't have the longevity he was looking for. It was time for a change. It became clear that Maine needed a little more "funk." So it only made sense to pick the funkiest instrument he knew of... the bass. After many years grinding in local bands, and playing original music, he discovered Toby and Nate. It was at this point that he joined their band, Sparks The Rescue. His influences range from Punk/Rock to Funk/Pop with a little country and jazz sprinkled in the mix. When Toby asked Peach to play bass for a cover gig one fateful night, he accepted and the rest is history. 

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